The true rudder during times of change

The Episcopal Church in Minnesota has the blessing of hosting Gathering of Leaders this week. Episcopal clergy from across the Church gather to share their experiences on a particular topic. This year’s theme is: Evangelism for the Missionary Church.

One of the most interesting conversations focused on change. Some suggested that no one likes change so it’s better to use words like transformation or even revelation. While I agree that change is challenging, I’m not certain that masking it by a pseudo-synonym makes the reality any easier.

Like everyone else, I too can be opposed to change. My two favorite jokes around change are, “We need to change. You go first!” and “The only person who screams for change is a baby.”

Change is a fact of life for us – individually and corporately. Knowing and experiencing a fair bit of significant change in my life has been one of the motivating factors for my spiritual disciplines of prayer, study, writing and exercise. They are a constant rudder in my life when the journey is often filled with change.

Such will be the case as my personal life enters a new course without my Buddy of 19 years in my daily life. I am excited for his new journey as a young adult and a college student, but it will be a big change. I am happy that my Pal of 16 years will be around. However, with his new found freedom of a driver’s license, inevitably, I will see him less. And finally, my life companion will begin work as the interim upper school counselor at Breck School. While I am happy to have her share her twenty plus years of expertise, it brings a change to the rhythm of our daily living. It all makes me happy that the dog, like clockwork, still wants to go for a walk every day!

It also makes me glad for Jesus, my constant companion. Regardless of the change going on around me, He meets me in my morning prayers, study, writing and exercise. He meets me 1000 times a day in 1000 faces and places. Jesus is the true rudder, the true constant amidst ever present change.

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