That’s Sabbath for you?!

What fills your bucket? What feeds your soul? What replenishes your spirit?

As you know I am on my summer Sabbath. During this time I have structured part of my time to tend to the ongoing engagement of God’s mission in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota.

Often in conversations folks will ask how I have spend my time. Well…besides the usual rhythm of prayer, study and working out, I have replaced a hot water tank, re-roofed and added a skylight, repaired and stained the deck, cut 5 acres, spent a couple hours a day coaching basketball and lots of time with family and friends

“That’s Sabbath for you?!” is usually the response after I finish this litany. Well…actually, it is. Believe it or not, I love manual labor. Much of it has to do with the “outward and visible sign” of that which I have accomplished; it provides for me an “inward and spiritual grace”.

I feel immeasurably blessed and incredibly fulfilled to be engaged in the mission and ministry I have been called to. Yet many days there are few visible tangible results. As such, to spend a solid portion of my Sabbath time building, fixing, creating things so that I experience immediate evidence of my work truly fills my bucket, feeds my soul, replenishes my spirit.

As I wrote last week, I believe setting some time for Sabbath is critical. What that Sabbath looks like is really up to you and your soul.

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