Remembering Bishop Anderson

I don’t know remember when the first time I met Bishop Anderson.  I do believe it was at a larger Church gathering.  What  I am very certain about is that he was kind, supportive, and a deep spiritual presence. Very shortly after I was elected Bob called. He was…well, kind, supportive and had a deep spiritual presence.

In the weeks and months that followed Bob would reach out to me often to see how things were going and if there was anything he could do to be helpful or supportive. I always enjoyed our conversations and always, and I do mean always, I received at least one pearl of wisdom. And of course, he was kind, supportive and a deep spiritual presence.

When Bob was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and he and Mary chose to move back to the Twin Cities I offered to them that I would do whatever I could to make their transition and time here as comfortable as possible.

I was blessed by the opportunity to spend a fair bit time with Bob and Mary over the last nine plus months. We shared stories, we shared Holy Communion, we shared our lives.  My hope was to return that which Bob always shared with me…to be kind, supportive and to be spiritually present.

I hope I was able to do so…but until his last breath Bob continued to be kind, supportive and filled with a deep spiritual presence.

I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have shared part of my journey with Bishop Anderson. His life and witness will be a constant beacon of what God calls us all to.

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