A Resurrection Story

It was that wonderful feeling of solving a great mystery. After years of dead ends and exhausting promising leads, one quick inquiry and there it was. Or more specifically there he was.

I have been blessed in my life to have stayed in touch with most of the significant people who have shared my journey – friends and neighbors I grew up with, camp cronies, folks I went to college or seminary with, and lots of church family. Included in this are all of my groomsmen except one.

We were camp buddies and briefly roommates. After he moved, we stayed in touch for years and then about 15 years ago, he fell completely off the radar screen.

I contacted mutual friends and tried to track down his parents. All to no avail. With the advent of Google, I tried searching him every so often and again with no luck. Then came Facebook and while all of the rest of the world found long lost loves, I could not find my friend.

I was talking with my good friend Ron, with whom I have shared Easter with for the last 30 years, about the complete disappearance of our mutual friend – a topic that we have discussed countless times in the past. At that very moment a notice came up on my Facebook and there he was.

A quick response and before you know it we were talking on the phone – relationship resurrection! It was an incredible reconnecting that was filled with new life and hope for the future of staying in touch and getting everyone together this summer.

Nothing could more strongly symbolize the Easter joy that is ours in the resurrection of our Lord than to experience new life in what felt like a dead relationship.

May this Easter season be especially filled with opportunities for new life-giving relationships!

2 thoughts on “A Resurrection Story”

  1. Alicia Shoemake

    I think that many of us have similar stories. It is an Wonderful experience that I especially can relate with. Keep ’em coming!!

  2. BP, I’m touched, and truly blessed to have you back in my life! Easing back into our familiar conversational patterns Easter weekend reminded me that although it’s been at least 15 years, you were never very far from my mind, and always in my heart. I’m looking forward to the coming months! Peace Buddy.

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