House of Bishops Daily Account for Tuesday, March 29

Following Morning Prayer and Bible Study, the session was opened by Emcee of the Day Bishop Victor Scantlebury of Chicago. The readings for the day from St. Paul’s letter to the Romans continued the reflections on the Abrahamic families which carried over from yesterday’s topics.

The topic for the day was The Anglican Covenant: A New Perspective. Bishop Neil Alexander of Atlanta introduced a conversation on the Anglican Covenant which included the three Anglican Primates in attendance: Archbishop Fred Hiltz of the Anglican Church of Canada; Archbishop Henri Isingoma, Primate of Congo; and Archbishop Bishop Paul Kim, Primate of South Korea.

The panelists spoke frankly about the Covenant and their provincial context. Each expressed their commitment to continued conversation internally and externally on the topic of the Covenant. Everyone affirmed their relationship with the House of Bishops as friends and fellow Anglicans.

The bishops had discussion at table and then the House engaged in conversation with the Primates. Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves of El Camino Real facilitated the plenary session with the panelists.

Noon Eucharist was celebrated by Bishop Dina Harrison of Texas. Preacher was the Rev. Stephanie Sellers of the Diocese of Massachusetts and chaplain for HOB.

The bishops will resume in session after dinner this evening. The topic will be Selection, Recruitment, and Formation of Young Leadership.

On a lighter note…Bishop Russ Jacobus of the Diocese of Fond du Lac and Bishop Ken Price of the Diocese of Pittsburgh made good on their pledge from the recent Super Bowl (Green Bay won and Pittsburgh lost). They had decided to pledge aid for the shelters of each diocese no matter what the outcome of the big game. As a result: Price reported that Heinz (the Steelers play at Heinz Field) sent soup for 400 people, Eaton Park sent smiley cookies, and the Diocese of Pittsburgh sent 100 perogies to a shelter in the Diocese of Fond Du Lac. Jacobus said the Diocese of Fond Du Lac sent cases of bratwurst to a shelter in Pittsburgh. On a personal note, Jacobus presented Price with a Superbowl T-shirt; in return, Price reciprocated with a Steelers AFC Champions shirt. Both promised to wear their new attire.

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