The value of the “d” word

One of the questions that was repeatedly asked of the coaching staff last week at the Washington State 1A Basketball Championships was, “What do you do that consistently produces such a strong contender with the Lady Scotties?”

My explanation, in one word – discipline. From the first team meeting to the championship game, both on and off the court, a clear set of practices and principles are employed with respect to what it means to be a Lady Scottie.

There is great irony in this for me because when I was in high school the “d” word (not diocese, but discipline) always had a negative connotation. My only experience of the concept of discipline was from a punitive perspective. Consequently, the proposition of anything associated with discipline being positive or productive was not part of my reality.

It was not until my first encounter with a spiritual director that my concept of discipline took on a much broader understanding. Subsequently by God’s grace, I have come to embrace discipline sacramentally.

As sacramental people, the rhythms, rituals and practices of our lives are the, “outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual grace.” The discipline of these rhythms, rituals and practices both feed and manifest the grace that God is calling forth.

As we begin this Lenten journey, my prayer for each of us is that we will provide both time and space for disciplines that feed our souls. May these disciplines have the potential to become lifelong rhythms, rituals and practices that will become outward signs of the inward and spiritual grace.

…and yes, the Lady Scotties did win their second state championship in as many years!

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