Setting aside time for our souls to catch up

As I entered the boisterous sanctuary there was a palpable atmosphere of enthusiasm and anticipation. The eye of this storm of excitement was the ordinand.

Quickly moving through the Ordination rehearsal, I then whisked the ordinand to a quiet place. My intention was simple; I wanted to provide an opportunity for our souls to catch up with us so that we could be truly present for that which lay ahead.

In early January I spent a little over 48 hours at the House of Prayer with six other bishops.  Our intention was simple as well: to stop. Sharing of scripture, sharing of prayer, sharing of our lives – all in a very quiet rhythm. This, too, was a time of letting our souls catch up with us.

I have invited the clergy of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota to spend time this week on retreat with Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold. My hope is this will also be a time for our clergy to find some space for their souls.

With the Lenten season on the horizon, traditionally a time with many opportunities and invitations for deeper reflection, my prayer for all is that we will allow for some time for our souls to catch up with us.

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