The biggest surprise so far

One of the consistent questions I am asked goes something like this; “So
what is the biggest surprise you have experienced thus far?” This often is
followed up with a quick, “Did you know how cold it gets in Minnesota?”
The answer to that one is yes – very fortunately I have both history and
family here. “Do you eat a lot of hotdish, and do you like it?” The
answer is also yes and yes!

Yet neither weather or hotdish are a surprise to me. What really is a
surprise is how unaware folks are of the health and vitality of the
Episcopal Church in Minnesota. This is not hyperbole. We have incredible
congregations of all sorts and sizes. We have phenomenal schools and
affiliate seminaries. We have amazing community social services. We have
top tier retirement homes. And we have amazing sacred spaces for retreat,
reflection and renewal. We are blessed!

My Epiphany hope and prayer for us as the Episcopal Church in Minnesota is
that we will make known, both to ourselves and others, the
transformational experience so abundantly present in our midst.

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