The Blessing of Memories

There are 18 of them and they extend across the entire mantle above the fireplace. There is no question – they are my favorite Christmas decoration. Oh, but they are so much more than decoration. They are a testament to the blessing of life. You see, these are the pictures of the Prior boys with Santa!

Each picture evokes a memory of not only a certain time, but of a certain chapter of life with our kids. One look and I can remember bedtime stories, building a tree house or skiing for the first time.

Standing on a small stool, it did not take much for his long lanky arms to place the angel atop the Christmas tree. As he did so, I had one of those “moments.”  Ever since they were little, this was the much sought after task of one of the boys; so much so that we had to set up a rotating system. Watching our eldest this year, I began to ponder; would this be his last time?

He has already been accepted to two colleges and much of his focus is on the next chapter in his life. He has such great expectations, and so too do his parents.

As Christmas morning comes, we will once again embrace the blessing of the day. It will be a day that embodies the coming of our Lord: filled with memory – filled with expectation.

As you hopefully gather with those you love this Christmas, may the coming of our Lord fill you with the blessing of sweet memories and the joy of great anticipation!

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  1. Jennet Packman( Mutton)

    I would just like to say of all the happy memories that I have of the church , we went every Sunday as my Dad was a usher there in the 60’s and my brother sang in the chior for a lot of years .I remember Dean Hancock so well and also his wife Betty, the Rummage sells that took place in the gym. I worked in the Nurserys and I remember the after service coffee by the fireplace with all our freinds espec. Kay Berry by the way my parents were Lawrence annd Stella Mutton I just wanted to say thank-you for the fond memories Jennet

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