The best gift of Christmas

The candle lit wall sconces provided the only light on this most holy night. The well-adorned sanctuary was the embodiment of Advent waiting patiently for the light of the Christ-child to set the sacred space aglow.

The faithful – those who were there often and those who had not been there for the entire year – came in an early and constant stream. I stood at the door as was my practice and welcomed and thanked each for being a part of the celebration of the birth of our Lord.

Weaving her way through the obstacle course of giants that surrounded her, Sara planted herself at my feet, tugged on my robe and proudly proclaimed, “I have a gift for you!”  As I leaned down to take it from her small outstretched hand she snapped it back and with a very precocious smile pulled me close.

“There is actually nothing in the box,” she whispered. “I remembered what you said last year that the best gift at Christmas is always Jesus.  So the empty box isn’t really empty because I am giving you the gift of Jesus.”  With that she walked away as abruptly as she had approached me.

Standing there a bit dazed from the “little angel” I had just encountered, I became overwhelmingly aware that I, in fact, had just received the best gift of Christmas!

May you and all those you love embrace and enjoy Jesus, the best gift of Christmas.

(Download the bulletin insert for distribution in your community.
The insert is available in English, Hmong, and Spanish.)

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