Thank you, Episcopal Church in Minnesota

Thank you, Episcopal Church in Minnesota, for a wonderful convention!

Thank you to all those who came and gave of their time, talent and treasure to make our annual gathering one that represents the breadth and depth of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota!

Thank you for being open to the Holy Spirit that is clearly moving and inspiring in our midst!

Thank you for being the Episcopal Church in Minnesota!

As God continues to call us forward may we:

  • Embrace our historic and foundational identity as a people of mission
  • Open ourselves to imagine how all the baptized can use their gifts for ministry
  • Pursue innovative ways to organize and manage the sharing of the abundance of our resources.

Led by the Holy Spirit through mission, ministry and management, I could not be more excited, more passionate for our days ahead as the Episcopal Church in Minnesota embraces God’s mission!

Thanks for being such a blessing!