Remembering Bishop Leigh Wallace

He was there at the beginning of the discernment process and he stayed with me all the way through.

He was there and laid his hands on me when I was ordained a deacon, a priest, and a bishop.

He was there when I became a youth minister, a camp director, a curate, an associate rector, a member of his staff, when I became a rector, and was one of the first calls I received after I was elected Bishop of Minnesota.

He was there when Staci and I were married, when our children were born, and when my mother died.

He was there every time I needed him and lots of times when I foolishly didn’t realize I did.

He was there…every step of the way…sharing the journey…accompanying me with uncanny simple wisdom…some of it delivered like a drink of cool water and some like a sledge hammer…but he was there every step of the way.

And now in the sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ I commend my brother Bishop Leigh Wallace. May the Lord bless Leigh and keep him, the Lord make his face to shine upon Leigh and be gracious to him, the Lord lift up his countenance upon Leigh and give him peace.