Marimbas and the spirit of invitation in Minnesota

Whether at large group Q and A times or in passing conversations one of the inevitable question asked is, “How are your boys doing?”  Without exception this question always warms my heart.  People genuinely care how life in Minnesota is for us as a family, especially with respect to relocating two teenage sons.

The answer is “Great!” The reasons, I believe, have everything to do with the question. The four of us are a pretty tight lot. We enjoy each other’s company and spending time together. Yet, as importantly, the number of folks in all sorts of settings that have reached out to our sons is incredible.

A prime example of this is Ms. Siriani from Breck. In short-order she commandeered both boys to join the school’s Marimba group.  While both boys (like their parents) have a percussion background, my strong sense is that it had everything to do with the spirit of invitation.

This entire experience reminds me of countless stories of folks who have told me that the reason they are involved in their faith community is because someone invited them. “My neighbor invited me to come to the auction and we’ve been here ever since.”  “A coworker asked if we want to help at the food bank with some folks at their church and we met all these great people who are now like family for us.”

It is that spirit of invitation that has made us feel so very welcome to the Episcopal Church in Minnesota…and clearly we are not alone!

(Proud parent moment: the video above was shot at my sons’ Marimba performance this past weekend.)