Where is the Spirit leading?

The car was packed. My beloved and I were more than ready for a few days at one of our favorite lakes. One last detail on the way out of town was to stop by my orthopedic surgeon who wanted to review the MRI of my knee.

“Brian, you have three options,” he said. “You can find a new surgeon in Minnesota. You can live with it for another year and we can take care of it next summer. Or we do surgery tomorrow.”

You know those moments when you are happily heading in one direction and then out of nowhere something happens and you have to make a choice? This was clearly one of those moments!

Actually, maybe there were only two options, not three: the reactionary approach which suggests to stay the course at all costs, or, be open to a new possibility that was previously not a part of the plan.

In my experience neither of these responses is consistently the best choice. However, it takes just a of couple deep breaths and recalling of Jesus’ interaction with Nicodemus that the Spirit, like the wind, blows where it wishes. As such, the discerning question is always not where do I want to go or do, but rather, where is the Spirit leading?

In this situation it was leading to knee surgery, from which I am already 90% recovered – thanks be to God!