The Holy Spirit is in our midst

What an incredible testament to the work of the Spirit in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota!

Last Thursday St. Mark’s Cathedral was filled to near capacity as we gathered to affirm God’s call of seven of our faithful to ordained ministry. Surrounded by loving and supportive family, friends and companions in their faith journey Candice, Catherine, Keely, R.C., Colin, Jeffery, and Jim opened themselves to the Holy Spirit to use their God given gifts for ministry.

And thanks be to God for their and our openness for as I suggested in the sermon…

“Without the Holy Spirit, God is distant, Christ is merely a historical figure, the Gospel is a dead letter, the Church is just an organization, authority is domination, mission is propaganda, liturgy is only nostalgia, and the work of Christians is slave labor. But with the Holy Spirit, Christ is risen and present, the Gospel is a living force, the Church is a communion in the life of the Trinity, authority is a service that sets the people free, mission is Pentecost, the liturgy is memory and anticipation, and the labor of Christians is divinized.” – Ignatius of Laodicea, Bishop 390 AD

Without the Holy Spirit the Episcopal Church in Minnesota is…well no worries, because it is abundantly clear the Holy Spirit is in our midst!