Working together

As many of you know, we still own a house out west. It was not feasible, for a number of reasons, to sell when we were called to serve in Minnesota.

When we purchased this turn-of-the-century house that sits on 5 acres, it was not much more than a shack. For seventeen years, through sweat equity and the help of a lot of friends and neighbors, it has become a pretty comfortable place.

Two weeks ago Staci and the boys returned to Spokane to fulfill our promise to them that we would take them back for summer camp. As you might imagine, after being “dormant” for the last seven months the place looked a little worse for wear.

In short order the three of them began the daunting task of cleaning and mowing. And as soon as they began, unannounced neighbors started showing up to lend a hand. In the spirit of the old barn raising, what would have taken weeks took only a matter of hours.

As I have witnessed the collaboration of our faith communities, such as the west metro’s Habitat for Humanity project, I have realized that the more we are able to work together and share our resources – like the fore-mentioned barn raising – the more we will be able to engage in God’s mission.