God is good!

It was a beautiful, yet blustery day on Lake Washington. Most of the family – local, southern and western – made the trek for this long awaited for occasion. There were children, grandchildren, sibling and spouse all in attendance.

It began as most family gatherings begin, lots of conversation and lots of food. Led by the Spirit the moment seemed to be right.  All began to mosey towards the water.  A moment of silence was suggested allowing folks to focus, to take in the incredible beauty and to remember in who’s honor we were all brought together for on this day.  Brief prayers were offered and then each family member in turn poured the ashes in the body of life that had brought so much life to David, Dad, Papa, Sweetheart.

My father-in-law was raised on the shores of Lake Washington. He fished, swam and taught his kids to do the same on this beautiful part of God’s creation in Minnesota.  When he died early last fall there was no question that part of his ashes would need to return to the life-giving waters of his childhood.

There is great irony, or maybe more aptly stated grace, in this occasion.  When I imaged being a part of this celebration I never thought that I would be blessed to serve as bishop for the lakes, land and church of Minnesota that he loved so dearly.  God is good!