MN is blessed with so many dedicated, talented clergy

Most folks experience them one at a time. A few are fortunate to have two or three around and available. On rare occasions people experience a large gathering of them. Generally when they are in mass they are all lined up and in their finery. The Episcopal Church in Minnesota is blessed to have so many of these very bright, articulate, deeply faithful creatures…clergy!

Last week I personally was blessed to spend three days with over 120 of some of the finest clergy I have quite honestly ever encountered in the Episcopal Church. From retired, seasoned veterans to newly ordained priests and deacons, they are all very committed to using the gifts that God has given them for ministry.

Each clergy person brings a high level of passion, a deep faith, a desire to serve and a hunger to grow in both their skills and knowledge. They are dedicated to being compassionate pastors, thoughtful theologians, strong preachers and teachers, and equippers and encouragers of the faithful.

As the pastor to the pastors I am eternally grateful for the tireless service and endless sacrifices our clergy make to bring the love of Jesus to so many.