Getting myself out of the way

As we prepared to process in for the service a female “elder” in the choir walked up to me and said, “Are you nervous?” Caught a little off guard by the question I quickly responded, “Is there reason to be?” She smiled, placed her hand on arm and quietly said, “You have no idea, do you?”

One of the best things about serving as your bishop is that no two days are the same. And yes, you guessed it, one of the most challenging things is that every day is filled with “firsts.”  This realization has been the focus of my prayers and reflections recently.

One of the most transformational lessons of being a camp director at the very young age of 20 was learning to trust in God’s grace. It quickly became apparent that I needed to get myself out of the way to allow God’s grace to flow through me. Likewise, and just as importantly, I needed to encourage those around me to do the same.

Each new day brings new opportunities and new challenges. As I strive to allow God’s grace to work through me and encourage others to do so, I am consistently amazed at the incredible things that take place. And for that I am ever grateful to serve with you.