Thoughts on the importance of Confirmation

“I feel like in my life I want to be close to God, and one way to accomplish that is to get confirmed.” “Once I am confirmed I plan on continuing to expand my spirituality and exploring my faith in even more depth.”  “I feel like being confirmed is very important to me because I would like to join my community so that I can feel like I am part of the community of faith even more.”

These are a few of the statements that were sent to me in letters from young members of St. Luke’s, Rochester and St. Peter’s, Kasson. Each letter was a thoughtful reflection of what the time spent in Confirmation class was like, and what they anticipated as they moved forward in their faith journey.

All of the young people have had a mentor who has shared the Confirmation journey with them. As well, the clergy, lay leaders and others in their faith community have taken an active role in shaping and supporting these confirmands.

While my own Confirmation class consisted of Mrs. Cross and myself, I felt very supported by the rest of my very small congregation. Not only did I learn a great deal during our time together, but it also scripted in me the importance community plays in formation.

I feel very blessed that part of the ministry I have now been called to includes sharing these important moments for both individuals and their communities.