A whole host of “mini-miter-heads”

After watching Confirmation on Sunday morning, Gabe French prepared for his future role as the 13th bishop of Minnesota. Photo by Michael French.

Just as I was wrapping up my sermon on Sunday I caught a quick glance of them out of the corner of my eye.  Within moments they triumphantly one by one began to process in front of me until the last one stopped and handed me what they all had adorned on their heads – a miter. That’s right, it was a whole host of  “mini-miter-heads” now all sitting in front of the baptismal font waiting to  welcome through the waters of  baptism to welcome little Samantha! So without hesitation I placed the very large and colorful miter that they had so lovingly made for me on my head and proceeded to join my young colleagues in ministry!

What a great surprise! What a wonderful gesture! What a statement of hospitality and welcome by the young people at St. Paul’s, Duluth! The same was true the evening before when I hung out with the nearly dozen young people who came from both St. Paul’s and Trinity, Hermantown to be confirmed. In both instances I felt very connected with these folks.

And this was not just with the children and young people. The Region II gathering on Saturday was a time filled with connecting, sharing and networking with each other. Everybody brought something to share. Everybody needed help with something. The entire experience was a great expression of our unity as the Episcopal Church in Minnesota.