Gathering up our dreams

As I sat listening to the gathering of good folks it became painfully clear to me that it had been a long time since they had dreamed. All the conversation, in fact all of their functioning, was about accomplishing that which was before them.

While it is important to complete the “needed task”, in my experience when we loose our ability to dream we potentially close ourselves down from where the Spirit is leading us.

As we step into these fresh new days in the life of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota dream with me, imagine with me, explore with me all the possibilities of who and what God is calling us to be.

Join me in a series of conversations about what we dream for the faith communities of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota and how we can join God’s mission already begun in our midst. The first of these conversations will be Saturday, April 17 at St. Paul’s, Duluth from 10 am to 2 pm. Additional, conversations will occur on the following dates, each from 10 am to 2 pm:

Saturday, April 24, St. Cloud-area (location TBA)
Saturday, May 1, Trinity, Excelsior
Saturday, June 12, St. Luke’s, Detroit Lakes
Saturday, July 10, Rochester-area (location TBA)
Saturday, September 25, St. Anne’s, Sunfish Lake
Saturday, October 9, St. John’s, Mankato (time will be 11-3 for this location only)

Let us gather up our wildest hopes and dreams and bring them together with the awareness that a new life in Christ is surely ours on the other side of our imaginations.

4 thoughts on “Gathering up our dreams”

  1. Thank you Bishop for this. Who was it that said “without dreams the people perish”? In my experience the Holy Spirit is most apt to show up when people dream. Peace,

  2. One of my dreams would be for more focus by the church on sustainability. What are we doing to this earth God created? Help educate and enlighten all people.

  3. Debra Wilcox Hsu

    With dreams there comes hope.Thank you, Bishop, for inviting us to dream. It gives me hope for the Episopal Diocese of Minnesota and for all of the people who are touched by our love and our faith. .

  4. In “About me,” you spell “Korean” Karen.

    Or are you elevating Karen Olson?

    J +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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