At the start of our journey…

Let me begin by expressing my deep gratitude to all those who have been a part of this change of season of episcopate in the diocese. The level of gracious hospitality is unparalleled in my experience. Our celebration on Saturday and the seating at both our cathedrals was an incredible statement of who we are as a diocese and who God is calling us to be – Thank you!

Here are some photos from the Consecration. If it is a bit slow, pause the player and let the buffer run for a bit, then come back to it. There are a lot of photos and even more are available on the diocesan website.

And now as we begin both our journey and the Lenten journey know that you will be in my prayers, reflections, and self-examinations of how I can best serve you as your bishop. Please stay in touch through this blog, Twitter (brianprior) and Facebook. Or, through telephone and email,